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In general, investor profiles, which are often also called "Risk Profiles", can be divided into three major categories:


You are a conservative investor who doesn't wish to take unnecessary investment risk. Your priority is to safeguard and protect your capital, and you understand that relatively low rates of income return are likely. 

Ideal investment portfolio for a Conservative investor here


You are balanced investor with some knowledge of the behaviour and risks of markets. You prefer a balanced investment portfolio of both income generating defensive assets and capital growth assets. You are prepared to accept some short term risk in order to achieve longer term capital gain.

Ideal investment portfolio for a Balanced investor here


You are an assertive investor who understands the risks associated with investment markets. You are most interested in maximizing long term capital gains, and you are prepared to accept significant short term volatility within your investment portfolio. Your preferred investment assets are heavily weighted towards capital growth investments such as shares and property.

Ideal investment portfolio for a Growth investor here

Based on your answers your risk profile is


At Joseph Palmer & Sons we have a "Balanced" portfolio which has been operating for many years and has an objective to provide a combination of long term capital growth and satisfactory income through exposure to a broadly diversified portfolio of investments, both within Australia and globally. Please see detailed information about this portfolio here

These are the benefits of our Balanced portfolio: 

  • Low fees
  • No minimum investment amount
  • Transparency
  • Access to Palmer's investment expertise

Please contact us to find out how easy it is to invest in our Balanced portfolio :

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The profiling process is to assist you to have a good understanding of your financial needs and situation, your personal approach to investing and selection of investment product. However, please understand that this profiling is not exhaustive and may not cover all the aspects that you should consider while making an investment decision and your actual profile may be significantly different from what we have indicated below.

Please ensure that you fully understand the risks associated with every product you select for investment and further that the product selected is consistent with your investment objectives and the product risk is in line with your personal risk-taking ability.