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Three Insights to Investing Your Money While Still Retaining Control

6 Mar 2017

Traditionally as an investor you had two main choices: either manage your investment portfolio yourself, or outsource it to a fund manager in the form of a ‘managed investment scheme’ or ‘mutual fund’. 

If you are the first type of investor, you need the sophisticated skills of the investment professional plus the considerable amount of time needed to grow, manage and administer your portfolio. This also requires hours of research needed to assist you in your decision-making. For most, these tasks carry risks and pitfalls.

If you are the second type of investor, you face the reality that fund managers generally ‘bundle up’ your dollars with those of many others as you are simply buying ‘units’ in a trust fund. Not only can this be expensive due to the hidden costs resulting from a multi-level management structure, this bundling-up effect also ignores the particular opportunities or preferences that pertain to your individual circumstances.

These issues can easily be resolved by taking advantage of a service offered by the long-established firm, Joseph Palmer & Sons. This family firm was founded in Sydney in 1872 and is the oldest stockbroking firm and fund-manager on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Malcolm Palmer is the great grandson of the founder, and he and his team specialise in an investment service which provides investors with three clear insights:

  1. You determine your specific investment strategy with professional input from your own account manager at the firm (you may change your strategy at any time).
  2. You outsource the selection and day-to-day management of your portfolio’s securities (shares, fixed interest, property, etc) to the Joseph Palmer & Sons team to do it all on your behalf.
  3. You own – and this is very important - not only all the securities in your portfolio (they are not bundled with those of any other investor) but also you gain any tax benefits such as franking credits  which are not shared with others.

This service is described in three simple words: the Palmer Discretionary Account. Palmer, because that’s the firm working for you; discretionary because, once you have agreed on the strategy, you grant Palmer’s the discretion to make adjustments to your portfolio within agreed limits; account because that’s what you get … a portfolio account with one of the Australia’s best kept secrets – the low profile investment firm that delivers what is promises.

A few more benefits make this opportunity particularly attractive: first, extremely competitive fees as you are not paying for multiple management tiers; complete transparency as you can monitor your fund’s performance and produce your own reports at any time; and finally, whenever you call the Joseph Palmer & Sons phone number, you get to speak to a real human being (who is your account manager) instead of a soulless robot.

When you want an expert to guide and support you on investment issues (whatever they may be) call (Sydney)  02-9233-2433 or (Melbourne) 03-9601-6856 or make contact via the web-site and ask them to give you the insights on the Palmer Discretionary Account. You’ll be so glad you did. 

Disclaimer & General Advice Warning

This publication has been prepared by Joseph Palmer & Sons (ABN 29 548 490 818) an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL 247067). Whilst the information contained in this publication has been prepared with all reasonable care from sources, which Joseph Palmer & Sons believes are reliable, no responsibility or liability is accepted by Joseph Palmer & Sons for any errors or omissions or misstatements however caused. Any opinions, forecasts or recommendations reflects the judgment and assumptions of Joseph Palmer & Sons as at the date of publication and may change without notice. Joseph Palmer & Sons, their officers, agents and employees exclude all liability whatsoever, in negligence or otherwise, for any loss or damage relating to this document to the full extent permitted by law. This publication is not and should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe for any investment. Any securities recommendation contained in this publication is unsolicited general information only. Joseph Palmer & Sons are not aware that any recipient intends to rely on this publication and are not aware of the manner in which a recipient intends to use it. In preparing our information, it is not possible to take into consideration the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any individual recipient. Investors must obtain individual financial advice from their investment advisor to determine whether recommendations contained in this publication are appropriate to their personal investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs before acting on any such recommendations.

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