Aged Care
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Aged Care


Moving family members into permanent aged care is a difficult and emotional experience. The need often arrives with little warning and leads to a complex array of decisions. Once the aged care home has been selected, a raft of confusing financial matters arise including negotiation of the accommodation deposit and funding, daily and extra service fees, means tested fees, sell or retain the family home, dealing with Centrelink, and the list goes on. Appropriate structuring can minimise fees and maximise entitlements, whilst inappropriate structuring may result in tens of thousands of dollars in additional costs, year after year. Compounding the stress is the very short time in which to make all these decisions for your loved ones.

Who We Are

At Joseph Palmer & Sons we have a deep knowledge of the aged care system and all its intricacies and have gone through the transition to aged care with our own parents. We are also investment managers dating back to 1872. Our personal journeys, together with our professional experience in financial services, enable us to expertly advise and guide you through the complexities of aged care. The Aged Care division is managed by Rodney Horin with the team consisting of John Rawling and Liz Condell in Melbourne and Ron Stephens in Sydney.

Our Services

We will demystify aged care to ensure the most appropriate decisions are made and an optimal financial outcome achieved.

Our service and advice includes:

  • Negotiating the refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)
  • Structuring an optimal mix between RAD, daily care & extra services fees
  • Minimising means tested fees / Maximising entitlements
  • Consideration of impacts on pension payments
  • Financial modelling with respect to funding the RAD and fees
  • Liaising with Centrelink
  • Decisions regarding the family home
  • Completion of all paperwork
  • Estate planning & investment considerations
  • Assistance with sourcing appropriate accommodation

The Process

  • An introductory meeting regarding the level of care required as determined by ACAS (Aged Care Assessment Services), a facility appraisal and an assessment of income and assets. 
  • Financial modelling of the various options available and respective financial outcomes, including options for retaining the family home if so desired and financially feasible, with a view to minimising fees and maximising benefits.
  • We will liaise with the facility on your behalf for negotiating the RAD and structuring of the contract for the financial outcomes required, and complete all requisite paperwork required by other agencies such as Centrelink. 
  • We work closely with your accountants, legal and financial advisers.
  • Estate planning consideration to ensure careful management, prudent advice and appropriate structures for the eventual transfer of assets to spouse or children.
  • Upon return of the RAD, we can provide investment advice and asset management services for the next generation.

Further Information

Please contact one of our experienced Aged Care consultants, John Rawling in Melbourne on (03) 9601 6816 or Ron Stephens in Sydney on (02) 8224 3324 for a no-obligation discussion about how we can help demystify the transition to aged care and guide you through the financially complex process.

Contact Us


Rodney Horin
Managing Director
(03) 9601-6886

John Rawling
Senior Aged Care Consultant
(03) 9601-6816

Liz Condell
Senior Aged Care Consultant
(03) 9601-6847


Ron Stephens - Joseph Palmer & Sons.png Ron Stephens
Aged Care Consultant
(02) 8224-3324

Case Studies


"Thank you to both Rodney and Liz!
My mother is happily residing at Shenley Manor.
Without your advice and expert assistance, this would not have been possible.
I am very grateful for your help in navigating the complex world of Aged Care."

- Beverley V

"Moving our parents to an aged care home was a stressful time for all of us, made even worse by the funding complexity and government organisations we suddenly needed to deal with. The costs involved seemed overwhelming. However, once we engaged Joseph Palmer & Sons, the process suddenly simplified and our anxiety dissipated. The masses of paperwork and countless issues were taken care of. They structured our parents’ assets, and provided us with financial advice, to make the move affordable. I would recommend anyone going through this process to call Joseph Palmer & Sons."

- Lynn B