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The Day After Tomorrow - 'Setting the Scene'

9 Aug 2023

Time to calmly consider plans in an Australian landscape that is constantly changing.

What They Mean When They Say... 'Bonds & Hybrids'

25 Jul 2023

Palmers selects securities to produce risk-mitigated outcomes via the astute use of thoroughly researched bonds and hybrids.

Investment & Economic Review July 2023

19 Jul 2023

Australia’s Reserve Bank has become less forceful with its interest rate policy, pausing the cycle in April, raising by 0.25% increments in May and June, then pausing again in July.

What They Mean When They Say... 'The PEG Ratio'

14 Jun 2023

In this series of essays, each designed to demystify an aspect of the arcane language used by investment professionals, we have landed on the subject of ratios (the relationship between numbers) and we now consider a couple in some detail: first, a little revision on the price/earnings (P/E) ratio and then onto the price-earnings-growth (PEG) ratio.

What They Mean When They Say... 'Correction'

4 May 2023

Corrections in the stock market may well bring handsome benefits to clients of this venerable firm ...


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