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The Fabric of Finance - Interest Rates (Part 2)

19 Feb 2021

An introduction to how interest rates fit into the financial fabric of Australia and how they impact the lives of all of us.

The Fabric of Finance - A Drone's Eye View (Part 1)

18 Feb 2021

While we can live safely with our inability to interpret in most scenarios, there is one area of activity where ignorance is not bliss: the world of finance.

Investment & Economic Review January 2021

27 Jan 2021

Financial market observers, investors and analysts can be forgiven for being perplexed, as longstanding and normal logic was disregarded in the second half of 2020 – remarkably, share and real estate prices actually rose despite the recession, depressed earnings, global pandemic and political turbulence.

To Refresh is Good for All

11 Jan 2021

What on earth could strawberries have to do with prestigious investment management firm Joseph Palmer & Sons? Differentiation!

In an era of apparent ‘sameness’, where it can be difficult for some to differentiate one investment firm from another, this brief essay provides an opportunity to perceive key differences.

The Challenge is to be Exceptional

8 Dec 2020

By almost any measure, Australia is an exceptional place: its size, its location, its history, its flora, its fauna, its people and its reputation: combined, these make this country ‘more than a bit special’...