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Asset-rich and Cash-poor: the new low-rates dilemma

12 Feb 2020

Many retirees are victims of the dramatic reductions in interest rates and must adapt to meet changing circumstances.

See this article by Rodney Horin, Managing Director of Joseph Palmer & Sons (Vic), which appeared in The Australian on Tue 11 February, 2020.

Investment & Economic Review January 2020

14 Jan 2020

Stock markets displayed their unpredictability in 2019, striding surprisingly and steadily higher after shaking off the volatility of the prior year. Low interest rates and generally benevolent economic and profit conditions provided the catalyst.

Conformity Is Not Always Good for You

21 Nov 2019

Conforming under the pressure of peers is something with which most people are familiar. Professor Solomon Asch theorised about it and then used interesting experiments to test his thesis. Extrapolating for investment decisions, we can estimate that 30 per cent of investors will conform to peer pressure.

Investment & Economic Review October 2019

17 Oct 2019

Occasionally, economic and market valuation conditions are supportive for bonds, shares and property simultaneously. This has been the case in 2019; circumstances being somewhat goldilocks like, neither too hot nor too cold.

Too good to be true…

17 Sep 2019
For those too young to remember, learn how the Poseidon affair created mass hysteria going up and catastrophic losses going down.