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Launch of our Palmer Separately Managed Account

1 Nov 2017

We introduce our new Separately Managed Account (SMA) – this is an intelligent, low-cost way to own a customised portfolio of securities. We select, monitor, and administer the portfolio, while all the securities beneficially belong to you. This is an ideal arrangement for investors large and small – especially those seeking high skill inputs combined with time-saving convenience.

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Investment & Economic Review October 2017

11 Oct 2017

For a generation now, investors, regulators and consumers have been dealing with a monumental ‘unwind’ process, that sought to and succeeded in shaking the bane of inflation and high interest rates out of the global economic system. In more recent years these concerted and aggressive acts of governments and central banks have consequently pushed this fix-up barrow too far… So now we head into the another great unwind, the ‘normalisation’ phase where interest rates start to rise and inflation returns. But there’s a problem...

The House that Joseph Built

28 Jul 2017
The House that Joseph Built

In 1872 Joseph Palmer opened the doors to what has become one of the oldest and most experienced investing firms in Australia. Still run by the same family, the House of Palmer has broadened its range of services beyond outstanding portfolio management. This short video showcases the services now available to the firm’s growing community of valued clients. View now...

Investment & Economic Review July 2017

3 Jul 2017

Most investment markets performed admirably in the last twelve months, particularly as economic trends have generally been uninspiring. Stock and real estate prices have certainly benefitted from the unprecedented stimulus provided by central banks and governments, in the form of extraordinarily low interest rates, and even more extraordinary money printing programs.

Super Changes: Smart Investing Doesn’t

2 Jul 2017

Unless you live on a different planet, you have seen many articles about the changes to superannuation that took place on 1 July this year. There have been so many, in fact, that we declined to overload you with even more. Now the dust is settling, our view is that no matter what changes occurred in the superannuation space over the last 20 years (and much did), one thing remains inviolably constant.