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to creating and preserving wealth

Insights into 147 Years of Investing

by Malcolm Palmer

Managing Partner

Who we are – What we do – Who we do it for

Hello, and welcome to this special page for financial advisers.

Brief background: We have been serving Australian investors since Joseph Palmer began the business on 12 April 1872. The Palmer family - with an excellent staff - has continued to run and build the organisation ever since.

Our long history has seen us care for investors through every kind of market imaginable, from super busts to super booms, from times of war to periods of peace. You name it, we’ve experienced it over the past 147 years. Very few investment houses can say the same.

What we do: Our constant objectives are to create wealth and preserve capital. We achieve both by carefully managing core investment portfolios which feed into the services we provide. We select securities by using our proprietary Relative Value Analysis process (RVA). Our portfolios cater for client types ranging from the ultra-conservative to the most growth oriented … and all types in between.

The main services we provide through our adviser colleagues are: SMAs, MDAs, SMSF portfolios, and full investment management as required.

Our portfolios comprise securities from Australia as well as from major international markets; and we use RVA to identify undervalued companies no matter where domiciled. Our selection process leans primarily towards large cap stocks and every investment decision is filtered through thoroughly professional research.

Who we do it for: We provide our services to dealer groups and independent financial advisers, in addition to our own client network (many of whom have been with us for several generations).

Our book, The Safe Hands Approach to Creating and Preserving Wealth, will give you an overview of our story and act as a general guide as to the who, what, when, where, why and how of our long-established firm. It’s an interesting read. Simply provide your details in the adjacent form and we’ll mail it to you.

We look forward to getting to know you and perhaps working with you for the betterment of your clients.

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