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How you benefit from a PDA can be summarised under three Cs.

How you benefit from a PDA can be summarised under three Cs.

  • First, you control the account and personally derive the benefits from it; having set up a strategy with your Palmer advisor, you delegate the tasks of stock selection to them (within agreed parameters); and, as account controller, instead of sharing tax and dividend benefits with others, they all accrue to you.
  • Second, you gain great convenience because all the administration of the account is done for you, saving hours of personal effort – and yet you can have access to your portfolio at any time day or night.
  • Third, you can communicate with your Palmer advisor and call whenever you wish to discuss your discretionary account’s portfolio – whether you do so by email or phone, you will experience the outstanding personal service for which the firm is famed.

In short, control, convenience and ease of communication deliver high value making your Palmer Discretionary Account very beneficial indeed. What’s not to like?