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Three Insights to Investing Your Money While Still Retaining Control

6 Mar 2017

There’s now some genuinely good news for those who find managing their investments increasingly complex and frustratingly time consuming. It comes in the form of a proven service from one of Australia’s oldest and most experienced investment firms

Your Time: Pretty Valuable? Want More? Read This

17 Feb 2017

Our lives progress in distinct phases. Up to about 35, we are energetically climbing the ladder. By 45 we are half way up it (and half way ‘home’). By 55 we’ve put in many hard yards, learned many lessons and are eager to do many other things before ‘it’s too late’: explore, reach new horizons, and take things a little more easily. To achieve these goals, we need to carefully outsource those tasks which have always taken a lot of our time. Prudent investing is most likely one of them.

How to purify your approach to investing

17 Feb 2017

In this enlightened age, we expect what eat and drink to be pure. Did you know we can do the same for investments? In the world of financial services, managed discretionary accounts have evolved so that they can become a ‘purified’ form of creating and preserving wealth and Joseph Palmer & Sons make this attractive service available to you. 

Service in pursuit of clients’ interests

1 Jan 2017

We’ve all done it. We call a service provider to confirm something or make an enquiry and, these days, the auto-response we hear goes along the lines of, “All our consultants are busy right now but your call is important to us. Please select from one of the following options …”

Holding onto a losing share for too long

23 May 2014

The saying goes that ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’. A corollary might be that a fool and a losing share are not parted soon enough. This article briefly examines that proposition.

In the last fifty years or so, highly respected academics have used experiments and real market studies to demonstrate beyond doubt that almost all investors rely more upon emotional triggers than calm reason when it comes to the buying and selling of stocks.


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