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Three Simple Steps to Deliver More Pleasurable Time

21 Sep 2017
Three Simple Steps to Deliver More Pleasurable Time

As a personal investor ask yourself just three quick questions: first, do you have more free time now than you had a year ago? (Odds are you said no.) Second: if you could arrange it – painlessly - would you consider gaining free time to indulge things more pleasurable than administration? (Odds are you would at least consider it.) Third: if you could outsource your administrative tasks for less than you are paying now, would you?

My missile is bigger than yours!

11 Aug 2017

Increasing tensions between the US and North Korea seem to be starting to weigh on investors’ minds which is as it should be.

It's a funny old world

10 Aug 2017

It’s a funny old world. Having yesterday noted the impending 10th anniversary of the starting gun going off on the global financial crisis I subsequently tripped over a vignette on Bloomberg which read “Junk subprime auto ABS spreads at record lows”. It really was just a vignette and went on...

On Strategy: Grasshopper or Ant?

5 Jul 2017

The recent stock market has, like an Indian summer, been most benevolent: a feeling of confidence has seen many investors with portfolios fully committed to a rising market, while a small minority have been building cash reserves. There are echoes here of Aesop’s fable on the grasshopper and the ant. They had very different strategies and only one came out on top.

Investment & Economic Review July 2017

3 Jul 2017

Most investment markets performed admirably in the last twelve months, particularly as economic trends have generally been uninspiring. Stock and real estate prices have certainly benefitted from the unprecedented stimulus provided by central banks and governments, in the form of extraordinarily low interest rates, and even more extraordinary money printing programs.


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