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What They Mean When They Say... 'Correction'

4 May 2023

Corrections in the stock market may well bring handsome benefits to clients of this venerable firm ...

Investment & Economic Review April 2023

5 Apr 2023

Predictably, the aggressive interest rate policies adopted by central banks has had some effect.  The policymakers’ intention was to temper inflationary forces by subduing the purchasing capacity of the consumer.  However (at least to date), consumption patterns have been less affected than anticipated, and it is the financial system itself that is bearing the brunt of central bank tightening.

What They Mean When They Say... 'EBITDA'

4 Apr 2023

When analysts get to work on evaluating whether a company’s shares are worthy of recommendation for a well designed portfolio, they seek to understand how it has performed and how that may indicate future outcomes: will the value go up, down, or sideways?

What They Mean When They Say... “An Investment Portfolio”

6 Mar 2023

There are portfolios and then there are portfolios ... not necessarily of the same quality. Here, strictly avoiding the provision of advice, we’ll briefly explore this theme…

What They Mean When They Say... “The Yield Curve”

19 Jan 2023

The yield curve is one of the most important metrics used by economists and financial analysts to gauge as the economy itself; the curve plots the yields on similar quality bonds with different maturity dates. 


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