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The Next Million - Part Ten

17 Aug 2022

Investment Journeys ... The Safe Way
On any discussion of travel, the most important consideration is to arrive at one’s destination safely; this applies as much to investing as it does to flying.

Though we might consider investment journeys as being routine, the fact is they are anything but.

The Next Million - Part Nine

29 Jul 2022

MDA or SMA: OK, Which?
Essential to the human condition is the wish of parents to see their children achieve financial security and independence, knowing how elusive these can be.

Investment & Economic Review July 2022

19 Jul 2022

Economic trends and geopolitical events converged pessimistically in the June quarter, causing the unusual scenario where all major investment asset classes – shares, property, and bonds – fell concurrently. 

Bonds prices were particularly weak, due to the sudden and rapid increase in duration-based interest rates.   It was the combination of starkly increasing inflation and an about-turn by Central Banks’ monetary policies that caused the bond rout.

The Next Million - Part Eight

6 Jul 2022

Integrity: It's in the DNA
More often than not, money entrusted to an investment manager took time, energy and risk to accumulate, so it’s not surprising that investors need the comfort of knowing their ‘hard-earned’ is in safe hands.

The Next Million - Part Seven

30 May 2022

Beware Your Unconscious Biases 
There is no shortage of people declaring ‘how to invest’. By contrast cautionary tales on what to avoid are fairly rare; that’s what makes them refreshing.


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